14 | england i guess just call me twarmo (or ryan) i love my chemical romance a lot and i know i've kinda been not blogging homestuck a lot but i dont care also add me on skype if u want my user is twarmo :p -enjoy

i keep forgetting that im wearing shoes and when i move my feet i get a surprise ://
also im gettign a lip piercing today help


okay so i ordered the above phone case for myself but because i’m stupid i accidentally ordered two. thankfully the company didn’t charge me for both but they did send me the extra one for free and i have no use for it. so i decided to do a little giveaway.


  • must be following me (i will check, don’t think you can get away with it)
  • likes and reblogs count
  • i will be picking the winner with a random generator
  • if you reblog more than once, your name will be counted more than once
  • i will pay to ship internationally so anyone can enter this woo!
  • giveaway closes on september 1st just before going back to school (i might decide to extend it)
  • i will message the winner and if they don’t reply within 48 hours i’ll have to choose someone else.
  • i will also announce the winner on my blog after contacting unless they’re not okay with me doing that
  • you must be comfortable giving me your address (how else am i supposed to send this to you silly ^_^)
  • if you want to be entered more times, follow me on instagram ffion.jpg for 5 more entries or on twitter falloutphanic for 10 more entries. message me with your username after.

the winner will get this iPhone 4/4s case which i made on vistaprint with this picture. it’s really good quality and it’s protective so it will last longer and won’t break as easily. it was £17.49 on sale (usually £21.49) which is around $30 but i got this one for free. i will also follow you on here if i don’t already.

happy blogging!!